Surely you often encounter during your physical examination. The doctor will use several different equipment, such as a blood pressure device designed to measure your blood pressure, the ophthalmoscope used for examining the eyes; Stethoscopes that doctors use to listen to the heartbeat of the patient, and other tools that doctors use to examine other inside parts of the body from the outside. Click here for more information

In addition, there are many other doctors’ equipment names that you need to know to add insights and other functions of physician equipment that are important to you to know.

Some General Doctor Tools

Stethoscope: This equipment you often see when you visit a doctor and become a common symbol of the medical profession

One type of medical device is found in the plains of Paris to listen to the heartbeat of patients. At first this tool is very rarely used in doctors in his time because this tool looks weird, but gradually this tool is needed and its function is very important. The original version of this equipment was originally made of wood and as the times progressed it changed into a made of iron and hearing aids. The doctor uses this tool when he wants to hear sounds issued by the liver, intestines, and fetal heartbeat.

Otoscope: This tool is another tool you often find when you visit a doctor and used to test your health.

Otoscope, for ENT

This tool has a cone-like shape on the end that serves to check the inside of your ear. This tool is used to check the patient’s ear canal. This tool will give a small air breeze to the patient’s eardrum to see if the patient’s eardrum is vibrating or not. This checks to check whether the vibration of the patient’s eardrum is normal or not. This examination can also determine whether a patient’s eardrum has damage or not.