Having a private mailbox in New York City can be very beneficial for both personal or business use. Locals will find it convenient and safe to have a private mailbox, and those that reside anywhere else may find that having a New York City address will benefit them for their own personal reasons. All customers of this service will always have access to their mail no matter what time or day of the week it is. Mail scanning, remailing, mail forwarding and fax services will also be available. The cost of a private mail box will vary depending on the needs of a customer.

Many business customers will also find it convenient when they can make use of a fulfillment service that is offered by their mailbox rental company. Mailbox Rentals USA is a company that also offers this service. All items can be stored at their facility and will only be shipped out to their destination when instructed to. All of the packing, labeling and shipping will be done by the fulfillment company. A great perk that comes along with this is the shipping discount that customers receive. Fulfillment service companies always get a huge shipping discount due to the amount of mail that they process, and that discount is passed on to customers. Those that sell on the Internet will find a fulfillment center to be a great benefit. They are able to concentrate on other aspects of their business while passing on the fulfillment process to another company, and they will save shipping cost along the way.

Apostille services are also offered at some of these businesses. Many times this extra authentication is needed for very important documents, and having this service available may be very useful. International customers are always welcomed to use this service. Apostille New York City services may be a marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, power of attorney or any other important document. Other common documents that are apostilled include passport copies, bylaws and articles of incorporation. No amount of documents are ever too much. Whether it is one or several documents, they can all be apostilled in as little as 24 hours and shipped out to the customer the very same day. Apostilled documents can be mailed to any city in the world. No matter what country it is, the documents will always be mailed as quickly as possible.